Rasplyn “Scenes Through the Magic Eye”

Wow, got an amazing album from a talent by the name of Rasplyn titled "Scenes Through the Magic Eye".  This album will enchant you and provide such a rich experience you will want to listen over and over again. 

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Jungo Benko EP

Jungo Benko sent me over their 5 track self-titled EP and I have been checking it out for days now.  This thing rocks and grows on any listener with a pulse.  The hard hitting EP will get anyone in the mood to

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Sursum Verbo “Fool” EP

www.sursumverbo.com Oh yeah Sursum Verbo (  Lisa Hahn (guitar and vocals), Kevin Rodriguez (drums) and Matthew Juda (bass) ) has released a killer second EP titled "Fool".  This EP is filled with raw power and

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Fatum Aeternum “One bastard”

Wow, wow, wow, WOW!  Got a hot new single from a band by the name of Fatum Aeternum "One Bastard" that will rock your world!  This single has the energy and drive of a mofo doing 120 on the interstate cranking this

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Coast Riders “Hit The Road”

http://jakewardmusic.com/music It's not too often I get to have a up and coming band contact me for a review that just simply knocks my socks off.  But I just got another band by the name of Coast Riders fronted

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Got a smokin' new blues artist that has been tearing it up for a while now, his name is Justin Pietrowski and you definitely need to check him out now.  He shreds it and burns out some really hot blues that are

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Utopia “Breathe Utopia”

    Got a great set of tracks from a band "Utopia" and I have been checking them out and digging the subtle vibes and nuances.  The production is superb and the sound is quite current.  Check out

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